Share your back to school experience - Take over our Instagram

Pearson is offering a unique opportunity for you to share your experience this semester getting back to school by taking over our Instagram account.    Read More »

Degrees Digital Magazine Launches

Degrees, a monthly, digital magazine, delivers easily digestible, lighthearted content in an interactive, visually dominant format specifically tailored to a tech- and social-savvy audience of higher education instructors.    Read More »

What Challenges Exist for Women in STEM? Tell Us

Women account for 47 percent of the American workforce, but they’re woefully underrepresented in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, even as their educational statistics in the sciences achieve parity with those of men.    Read More »
One important stat from this report focuses on Daily Mobile Device Usage for students during school and work. Laptops still top the list, but phones aren't that far behind anymore.    Read More »