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New Tutor Service Available Within MyITLab!

We are excited to announce the Pearson Online Tutor Service is available with the July 2011 MyITLab template release!**

The Pearson Tutor Service, provided in partnership with TutorVista, gives students the opportunity to interact virtually with qualified instructors for help with course concepts. The first Tutor Service session is offered at no charge as part of your student’s subscription to MyITLab. Students may choose to purchase additional tutoring sessions at any time.  Students access Tutor Service by clicking the Tutor Service button in the upper right corner of their course:






Instructors will see the Tutor Service button when they click on Student View in their MyITLab Instructor account.

Make sure your students have all the resources they need to be successful in your course – direct them to Pearson’s Tutor Service today.

**Note – the Tutor Service is not available if your course was built on an earlier template.

4 Responses to New Tutor Service Available Within MyITLab!

  1. wilma-andrews says:

    We need a lot more details about this new service so we can share that info with our students. First time is free but then how much? What are the parameters/guidelines for its use. This announcement is rather vauge.

  2. Jessica Gilmore says:

    Hi Wilma –

    I am glad we conected offline to get you the info you need. For other faculty – you can go into your Student view and click on the link to see the details of types of plans students can purchse!


  3. Julie Craig says:

    HI – Is there a place I find the prices?


  4. Jessica Gilmore says:

    Hi Julie –

    Log into your MyITLab account, and then click the STUDENT VIEW button in the upper right. Then you will see the Tutor Service button. Click on Tutor Service and you will see purchase options on thier page.



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