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Better Technology = Better Learning

I recently came across this blog post by Bill Gates on the Gates Foundation website, where he discusses his Next Generation Learning Challenges Initiative. This initiative aims to “accelerate the integration of technology in ways that substantially improve learning” by identifying the “most promising uses of technology in education and expanding them to reach more students, teachers, and schools.”

One of the great things about technology is its ability to reduce distance and time between people – enabling them to communicate in “real-time” no matter where they may be and to share all kinds of information. This article talks about how this result of improved communication enhances the relationship between teacher and student by allowing feedback and information sharing to occur more quickly and thoroughly than it has been possible before. Better technology = better communication = better learning.

One Response to Better Technology = Better Learning

  1. MsDetermine61 says:

    I believe it if communicaating between the teacher and the student would profit size. for my self I have a hard time understanding what I am studying and do need all the help I can get if the communication is open especially for some one like myself. I am now 60 and what to learn as much as I can as well to do great in all of my classes.


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