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Just the FAQs: Steps Taken to Answer Simulation Question?

Q: How do I see the steps a student took to answer a simulation question?

A: MyITLab and MyMISLab record click stream data when students are working in the Office simulated environment. This click stream data is useful in understanding the steps students took to complete a task, and helping students understand where they made a mistake and how to correct it.

To view the submission report:

  • Navigate to the gradebook and the assignment you wish to review
  • Find the student name, hover over the grade for the assignment and click the drop down arrow that appears
  • From the drop down list choose “View Grade/Submission.”

The submission report will show the following information:

Questions: This column displays the question text along with other details. Details that appear in the Questions column include:

  • Application: indicates what software application was covered in the question (for example, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • Page Number: indicates the page number in the related book where you can learn more about this skill
  • Scenario: indicates what scenario was used in the question — Training Scenario 1, Assessment Scenario 1, or Assessment Scenario 2
  • Score: indicates your score on this specific question; appears highlighted in yellow
  • Time Taken: indicates the amount of time student spent completing that specific question; appears highlighted in yellow
  • Status: indicates the completion status of a question.
  • In an exam, a question can appear with a status of Correct (meaning student answered it correctly), Incorrect (meaning student did not answer it correctly), Unattempted (meaning student skipped this question).
  • In a training, a question can appear with a status of Complete – Unguided (meaning student answered it correctly without the use of Hints or Show Me help), Complete – Guided (meaning student answered it correctly with the use of Hints or Show Me help), Training Incomplete (meaning student started but did not successfully complete this training question), Unattempted (meaning student skipped this question)

Methods to Complete: The Methods to Complete column displays the valid steps or methods a student could use to complete the question correctly. Methods are broken down for each step in the question. Because the methods can be very long, by default, the method details are hidden. To view the details for a specific method, click the [+] symbol next to that method. Alternatively, click the Show All link to view the details for all methods and the Hide All link to hide the details for all methods.

Actions Taken: The Actions Taken column displays the specific steps you took while completing a question, in a list form. If you want to hide these actions from view, click the Hide Student Actions link. To show these actions, click the Show Student Actions link.

Preview Question in Player: The Preview Question in Player column displays a Launch Training button for each question. Clicking this button will launch the Training Scenario 1 version for each question, so that you can view a training lesson that mirrors the activity.

To learn how to submit an activity that has not appeared in the gradebook, watch this video.


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