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Just the FAQs: The Integrity Behind the Violation

Q: How are the MyITLab Grader Projects tagged with a Potential Integrity Violation?

A: Grader Projects are tagged on two levels: 1. Document-level, and 2. Content-level. Integrity violations are able to be detected because upon DOWNLOAD of the starting data file from MyITLab, the student’s file is injected with two types of tokens (document-level and content-level).

  • Document-level: an integrity token is injected into the student’s downloaded file (encrypted and hidden). If “Student A” provides his/her file to “Student B,” and “Student B” then uploads that file, the submission will be flagged as a violation of integrity.
  • Content-level: multiple content-based integrity tokens are injected WITHIN the student’s downloaded file (encrypted and hidden). If “Student A” downloads his/her own file, and “Student B” also downloads his/her own file… but “Student B” then does a copy-and-paste of content elements from “Student A,” the submission will be flagged as a violation of integrity.

***Based on the functionality, if any student is flagged for a Document-level violation, he or she will almost always also be flagged for a Content-level violation as well. This is because the student would have uploaded someone’s actual FILE that also would contain content-level tokens.

Integrity violations should not receive the same token/number in the “expected” and “detected” fields. On rare occasions this has occurred as an anomaly. The Grader team deployed a fix overnight for this on 10/18/2011 to remove this anomaly. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

Note: It is important to remember that these violations are tagged as “potential” and we always recommend a conversation with your students regarding the violation.


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