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One-Step Installer and Launch Tool: Home Computer Set-up Tips for Your Students’ Success

Question: How can I ensure a successful experience for my students who use MyITLab at home?

Answer: The One-Step Installer & Launch Tool!

Here is a link to a step-by-step video that walks students through downloading the One-Step Tool. I highly recommend that all students watch this video to ensure they have properly installed the One-Step Tool and are using it to their advantage.

There are a few key steps to the One-Step Tool that are required for it to work properly:

1. Students must use the Launch MyITLab icon (below) EVERY TIME they access MyITLab.

2. They must close ALL other internet windows prior to clicking the “Launch MyITLab” desktop icon.

So what does the One-Step Tool actually do?

The One-Step tool will install all the necessary MyITLab files and make all necessary important adjustments for your students on their home computers. Using the “Launch MyITLab” icon allows home users to keep their preferred system settings on their computer. The desktop icon – when used properly – will readjust the user’s home computer to meet MyITLab’s System Requirements each time they access the program. Then when they’re done with their session in MyITLab – they close the internet window and their computer will adjust back to their original settings.


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